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Lola’s Creative Collection

Lola’s Creative Collection is perfect for siblings or best friends to continue their learning journey about differences and emotions. They can snuggle down together with Plush Lola Rabbit each wearing their pin badges and complete the activity book after reading the story. They can compare and help each other with activities creating an opportunity for them to bond, learn, grow and accept!


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Do you ever wonder how to begin explaining to your children why their sister or brother uses ear defenders or plays on their own? Maybe your child is asking questions about a friend in their class? Maybe your own child is asking questions about themselves and you weren’t sure how to answer?

This beautiful gift set, complete with Plush Lola Rabbit will win the heart of every child. These sets will be perfect gift for a nice or nephew for their long awaited birthday or your son or your daughter for that extra special present for Christmas or Eid.

Schools and nurseries across the world use these to teach children about autism & this set has everything you need to begin the learning journey at home.

Lola Rabbit Plush is fully CE tested to EU & REACH regulations and is manufactured using the highest quality materials.

This gift set is beautifully arranged in wicker baskets with shredded paper then wrapped in cellophane and boxed With Love

Package includes:

1 x Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger 

2 x Activity Books 

1 x Plush Lola Rabbit

2 x Lola Rabbit Pin Badges

3 reviews for Lola’s Creative Collection

  1. Jemma Ashdown

    I ordered this for my 5 year old son who is autistic and it arrived today. The display was beautiful and he was so excited when he saw the book, plush and goodies. He loves having a toy that is in the book he has been given. We’ll be reading this to him tonight. The book is beautiful and good quality as is the plush. The activity books has fun things to do. Well worth the money and lovely gift. So impressed will probably get the next one and the badger plush if available.

  2. Laura

    Absolutely beautiful, fast delivery and amazing customer service. Can’t wait for my lil girl to open it x

  3. Chris

    Absolutely amazing cannot wait for the new book so me and the boys can continue the adventure

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