Lola Rabbit

Lola is autistic with a demand avoidant profile. Lots of people are autistic but every person is an individual and although they share some attributes they will also be very different from each other. Lola is a little girl who likes to wear ear defenders to help with sudden loud noises, she needs instructions to be disguised so that her anxiety level is minimised. She thrives on routine and loves to be prepared for any changes. It helps if Lola is prompted when to join in conversations as she sometimes doesn't know when it is her turn to talk. Lola has a learning disability alongside being autistic and she doesn't yet know how to regulate her own senses or is able to retain information so needs lots of repetitive - teaching and over - learning.

Bourbon Badger

Bourbon Badger is Lola's best friend and seems to understand Lola better than she understands herself. Bourbon is very kind, caring and is very emphatic to some situations that Lola finds herself struggling in. He is a role model for children because of the compassion and kindness and is very much the star of these children's stories. He will help children understand and know how to include children like Lola whilst teaching them all about some of the difficulties Lola has and explores ways in which he can help her just by being a "Kind Friend"
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Hattie Hedgehog

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Bobby Mole

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