Reviews for 'Playing With Bourbon Badger'

My first thoughts are WOW! I just love the images and colours and already I can tell how many children this is going to benefit.

Nicki Perrins

Finally got to read this with the children. My little one is super-excited for the next one to come out - she loved it and said the pictures are so cute!

Danielle Cameron

What a amazing book my 5 year old funds it difficult to explain how she feels, she totally connected the book to herself recognised feelings the same as hers and was able to tell me that's exactly how she feels in class which is amazing she was so happy that it wasn't just her that felt like this in school Mummy Lola is autistic just like me Mummy that's how I feel in school tidy up time is so noisy they shake the tambourine and it hurts my ears like Lola Mummy I don't like playtime either as it hurts my ears the children are so noisy and I always feel sad standing on my own but look Lola does to first time she's ever explained why she doesn't like going to school wow amazing

Nicky Day

Our copy of your fabulous book arrived yesterday. We have already read it to our daughter Lily rather a lot of times (she’s almost 4). She went into preschool today and straight away asked for her “ear gloves” from her bag. She is so self conscious about wearing them at preschool (they have been in her bag untouched for months and she suffers with the noise) but today just like that after reading your book she put them on and was proud to wear them. I could have cried at seeing her confident for the first time ever and helping herself. It was 100% down to the words you wrote and the pictures she loves looking at. From the middle of my heart, thank you, thank you for giving our girl some confidence and something she can relate to. We already can’t want read the next one (over and over)!!!

Lynne Millins

Well we all loved it!! Great book!! James and I talked after about why Lola rabbit wore the ear defenders and got scared of the noises etc.Great way of making other children understand.Cant wait for the next one!! Well done Jodie x

Donna Beaty

Wow...just wow! Jodie your book is amazing. I wish this had been available years ago when I began working with children with PDA, ODD etc I can see this being used a resource in many childcare environments not just schools and home. A beautiful story from a beautiful strong lady. Looking forward to the next episode.

Samantha Greenfield

Hi just wanted to say thanks for the book which arrived today. Already read it 3 times. It’s perfect for our daughter, her passion is Rabbits, she needs support to use her ear defenders as she’s not keen but does have trouble with noises, her favourite colour is orange and Lola has an orange crayon, perfect!! She would like to know when book 2 will be ready?! Thanks again x