Jodie Isitt


I am a mother of three amazingly determined disabled children and I am also a carer for my daughter Lola aged 9. Lola is Autistic with a demand avoidant profile and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She had an extremely difficult time whilst attending a mainstream primary because of her ability to mask her difficulties. She also had some trouble regulating her sensory differences which were perceived as bad behaviour. When Lola transferred into a specialist primary school I found that I was having trouble accepting I would always be a carer, and I wanted to use my creativity to help others realise that you can build something around being a parent/carer and whilst doing that helping to change peoples perceptions of disabilities including autism.
I finally knew I wanted to create a series of stories that would help typically developing children understand and have knowledge of those children who found normal everyday situations that bit more difficult.

Lucy Smith


Award winning illustrator, Lucy Smith is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer specialising in children’s picture books. As an experienced former school teacher and psychology graduate, Lucy has a in-depth knowledge of language development and the role high quality literature and illustrations play in encouraging a life long love of reading. Her past career paved the way for her success as a children’s illustrator. Lucy aims to create magical worlds to enthral readers and inspire their own creativity and imagination as children’s illustrators and authors did for her as a child.
I had such a wonderful experience collaborating with Lucy on Nonni’s Moon that I knew that I wanted to work with her again.” – Julia Inserro, author of Nonni’s Moon