November 23, 2016


Okay hands up, who here has heard of X linked Adreno-Leuko-Dystrophy? No?  I thought not!  Three years ago neither had I, nor any of my family […]
November 29, 2016

Chapter 2 – The realisation

To all those of you who have had babies, you will instantly understand this feeling I am about to describe, and for those who haven’t had children yet, just wait, I’m […]
February 13, 2017

Chapter 8 – Could It Get Any Worse?

It was great having a nanny so I could do a bit of work, Jade was amazing, the kids knew her and she knew them so […]
April 30, 2017

Chapter 12 – Lack Of Evidence Meant She Wasn’t ‘Severe’ Enough

The Local Authority had decided that Lola didn’t need an assessment and the letter would explain more. When the letter arrived it stated that: Lola’s special […]